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Business Development in qatar

Qatar has one of the highest per capita income in the world thanks to its oil wealth and world class infrastructure as well as excellent business environment. Business consultancy services can be very helpful to people who want to do business in Qatar for meeting their legal, human resource, and technical needs.

To take advantage of the mature economy and economic growth in Qatar, you need a business consultant to help you through it.

Over the last couple of years, the economy of Qatar has grown by 10% per year. The country has passed laws encouraging Foreign Direct Investment by allowing companies in agriculture, health, manufacturing, tourism, and education to be 100% foreign owned. Investors are also allowed to repatriate all their profits back to their home countries.

Company Set Up

A business consultant will help you to choose the best structural option for your business in Qatar. Most investors will prefer to have LLCs or Limited Liability Companies which have to have a Qatari majority partner whose profit share does not have to be proportional to their shareholding. Our service will help you to set up a business in Qatar within less than a month, so that you can hit the ground running.

You can also register your business as a Simple Partnership, Joint Partnership, or Joint Venture, Public Shareholding, Limited Share, Limited Liability, and Holding Companies.

When you need a Qatari partner, a Business Consultancy Services company in Qatar will help you to vet potential partners before working with them.


A business consultant in Qatar will help you to get all the licenses that you need to operate your business within Qatar in the shortest time possible. Most licenses come from the Ministry of Business and Trade. Other ministries may need to approve you before you begin operations. Industrial Companies need the Ministry of Energy and Industry to approve them.  Healthcare organisations need the Ministry of Health to approve them. Law Offices need the Ministry of Justice to approve them, and Engineering Consultancies need approval from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture.

Tax Returns and Audits

Talk to a business consultancy service company for help with submitting annual tax returns. Any company that makes more than 100,000 QR in annual profits has to submit audited financial statements from a registered auditor general.

An LLC registered in Qatar is expected to pay 10% of its profits in taxes.

Help with Commercial Contracts in Qatar

Business consultancy services in Qatar help investors to protect their interests whenever they do business with other organizations and individuals. They help you to choose the legal jurisdiction under which to write a contract if dealing with an international entity. If you are not choosing to apply any other law, your contract will by default be governed by Qatari Civil Code.

At a personal level, a business consultant will help you to complete processing your application for Immigration Cards to enable you to work and do business in Qatar.

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