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How to Succeed in Qatar with a Business Consultant

Consistent economic growth has seen Qatar claim its place as one of the best places to do business in the world. A growing population and steady economic growth means that Qatar is on track to become advanced with sustainable economic development.

Qatar invested heavily in infrastructure after winning the bid to host the 2020 FIFA World Cup. Even though the Covid-19 pandemic has put these plans on hold for the time being, Qatar’s massive investments in roads, hospitals, and airport expansions among others will remain.  Qatar will be the smallest nation and the only Middle East nation to host the World Cup.

This means that businesses will be enjoying the benefits of these investments in years to come.

The government of Qatar has made doing business in Qatar simple and lucrative.

Investment Incentives for Companies in Qatar

  • Cheap energy and utility bills like water, electricity, and gas
  • Unrestricted money exchange and profit repatriation
  • Import tax exemptions on raw material, heavy machinery, and spare parts
  • Ease of importing skilled workers

Top Reasons to do Business in Qatar

Qatar has seen accelerated economic growth. The GDP of Qatar has gone up from 2% to 2.4% in the last two years. Once the Barzan gas project is launched and the North Field gas project expanded, they will boost the economy further.  Qatar’s population growth of 2.2% is good for business, too.

The construction sector in Qatar is booming thanks to public expenditure.

Qatar’s Vision 2030 has spelled out a commitment to supporting foreign investors.

To start a company in Qatar, call us today and we will help you set up your company in the fastest time possible. 

It can be tough to find the right business consultant to help you start your company in Qatar. You want to work with a consultant who takes time to understand your needs and makes the whole process as easy as possible for you.

We have a team of business experts and we leverage our expertiseto help you set up a successful company that enables you to achieve your goals in Qatar. We provide business intelligence and consulting after setting up your company.

Most business people realize after working with a Qatar business consultant that they made the right decision. We help you to avoid common problems and solve the ones that you encounter.

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Why you Need a Consultant

  • Your Qatar business consultant will help you to navigate taxes and Human Resource challenges
  • Your contract with a Qatar business consultant is easily terminated once you don’t need us anymore
  • We are flexible enough to work with you on specific projects
  • We provide independent advice
  • We offer you our variety of ideas from our wealth of experiences

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